Indiana Family Star Party

Food will be available from the Astro Grill at the Rotary Picnic Shelter, starting around 5:00 p.m. on Friday afternoon (see "Astro Grill" below). Campfires are permitted in established campfire rings only.  (Make sure to check whether fires are permitted with the fire board or the camp ranger.)

Lodging (if you don't like camping):
In Frankfort, see this page. Those on the west side of Frankfort would be closest.

In Lafayette, see this page. Most of these are near the intersection of I-65 and State Road 26 (that would include those whose address is on State Road 26, Fairington Ave, Frontage Road, or Meijer Court or Drive), which is on the east side of Lafayette, in the direction of Camp Cullom, about a 20-25 minute drive. Avoid those listed in West Lafayette, as you would have to drive all the way across Lafayette before heading out to the camp.

Meals, facilities, and everything else:
Food will be available at the Rotary Shelter from the Astro Grill starting Friday afternoon.  (Usually starting about 5:00PM.)  For those arriving Thursday or early Friday, we are planning a brunch at the Lodge on Friday from 10 am - 12 noon - this meal must be pre-ordered on the registration form.  The Southfork restaurant in Mulberry is highly recommended by the camp ranger - it's just three miles away, at the intersection of Mulberry-Jefferson road and SR 38 in the middle of Mulberry.  Free coffee and hot chocolate will be available from 10 pm to midnight on Friday and Saturday.  You will be able to use the microwave oven that is in the Nature Center.

No campfires in or near the observing field. Camp stoves are permitted on the observing field before dark.

Water and restrooms are available at the Nature Center. There are showers in the Lodge basement.  There is only one set of showers, so there's a shower schedule:
Shower Schedule
8am - 10 am: Women & girls
10 am - 12 pm: Men & boys
12 pm - 2 pm: Small children accompanied by parents
2 pm - 4 pm: Women & girls
4 pm - 6 pm: Men & boys
There is a Wi-Fi antenna on the south side of the Nature Center. It should cover most of the observing field.  There is also a wireless router covering the observatory area.

We have power available on the south side of the Nature Center.  Bring your own power strip and extra extension cords. While those circuits are GFI protected, make sure your cords are in good condition and any power strips are reasonably protected from dew so that the circuit is not inadvertently tripped.  (You are sharing power with others and they may be upset if they suddenly lose power.)
Note that this power is for low power devices.  Air conditioners usually trip these circuits.  If you want or need to run an air conditioner or other high-power devices, please set up by the Rotary Picnic Shelter as we have several high-power circuits available there.

Click here for maps

There is an information room in the northeast corner of the Nature Center.

Questions? Contact Russ Kasper at 765-659-4451 rk@kasperradio.com.