Indiana Family Star Party
Door Prizes
Vendors at smaller star parties are as rare as snowballs in July in Indiana, so the IFSP organizers look for door prizes from any source that we can find.  These include purchasing prizes out-right to contacting vendors to attendees donating items.  We gladly accept these donations and offer them to our guests.
Anyone wishing to donate items for the IFSP raffle or auction or as general door prizes, should contact a member of the IFSP Steering Committee.  At the star party, a Steering Committee member can usually be found in or near the office at the northeast corner of the Camp Cullom Nature Center.  Steering Committee members have question marks (“?”) on their name tags.  We can also be contacted prior to the star party by email to WVASinfo@gmail.com.  Items for consideration should be new or in good condition, clean, and otherwise appropriate for a family star party.  Services, tickets, discount coupons, and other non-astronomy-related offerings may also be accepted.  Donors of accepted items will be acknowledged at the star party and may also be included on the star party website, if desired.  Donors of items having a claimed market value in excess of $50 will also receive an acknowledgement letter suitable for claiming a tax deduction, if desired.  The Clinton County Foundation for Youth is a 501(c)(3) United Way organization.  Net proceeds from the star party benefit the Prairie Grass Observatory and Camp Cullom.

NOTE:  Submissions for door prizes MUST be submitted and available by 6:00 PM Friday.  We have various preparations to make for your submission and late additions cause issues both for us as well as people who already placed their tickets and their budget does not allow for more.