Indiana Family Star Party
Full Event (Tuesday-Sunday) Admission Fee: $25 per person or $35 per family, if taking advantage of early registration by July 5.  Full Event registration includes a spot for your vehicle, tent/camper, and telescope(s) on the observing field, and camping overnight if desired.  After July 5, or if registering "at-gate", the fee is $50 per person, $60 per family.

Full Event Group Admission rate is per 10 persons or a portion thereof.  $35 before July 5 and $60 after July 5.  E.g., 1-10 persons is 1 family rate, 11-20 persons is 2 times the family rate, etc.  In addition, please contact the camp ranger to schedule a specific camping site.
Registration details will be forthcoming.
How to Preregister:  You can pre-register either the traditional way, by filling out a paper form and returning it with your check, or you can register and pay online.  To register the traditional way, click here for the form for individuals and families, or here for the group registration form.

We’re using GetMeRegistered (GMR) this year for online registration.  GMR made some edits to their standard event registration form for us, but it still doesn’t look like our paper form.  Note that GMR charges a fee for the convenience of their service.  Their fee is 6% of the subtotal, plus $1.95 for the primary registrant, plus $0.60 for each additional attendee, e.g., family member.  To register and pay online, click here.

Daily Admission:  You can attend the star party on a daily basis on Friday and Saturday nights at a cost of only $5.00 per person or a maximum of $15.00 for 3 or more people in a single vehicle.

This daily admission is set up so that the public at large can visit the star party and look around, as well as participate in Sky Trekker/Sky Trek Adult, listening to speakers, door prizes, watching free movies with free popcorn, hot chocolate, and coffee, and viewing through the Prairie Grass Observatory (and possibly other) telescopes.

Members of the public may bring small telescopes of their own, but we are not offering instruction in using them as part of the party.

Daily admission does not include a campsite or a spot on the observing field, and the parking lot for daily visitors is some distance from the observing field, making carrying equipment on a daily basis inconvenient. 

Daily admission Sky Trekker/Sky Trek Adult participants are eligible to win any prize offered in the Sky Trekker or Sky Trek Adult programs, i.e., kids completing the program are eligible to win any prize offered in the Sky Trekker Program (level dependent); adults completing the program are eligible to win any prize offered in the Sky Trek Adult Program.  Prizes vary by year.

Full event participants may commute on a daily basis; they will have a spot on the observing field and be eligible for everything included in our full event experience.

The Friday Morning Brunch is $14 per person.  (Group admission does not get a discount as our cost is fixed on this item.)
Note that all payments onsite must be made in cash or check.

Note if you plan to stay multiple days, but want to stay at a hotel at night, then since driving is not permitted on the observing field after dark, you'll have to move your vehicle to beyond the tree line before dark.  Note that if you plan to leave equipment set up on the observing field overnight, you still have to pay the "full event" fee.

Note that weekend registrants arriving after 10pm will have to park in the single-day parking lot for their first night, since driving is not allowed past this point after dark.